Thursday, July 22, 2010

host family reunion

Yesterday, I went to see my host family from last year. I know I´ve been in Spain nearly two months already, but my extreme laziness prevented me from contacting my host mom and setting a concrete time for us to meet up. A couple of days ago, when I realized that I don´t have much time left here, I buckled down and sent her a text, and we agreed to meet at her old house.

First of all, she hasn´t changed a bit. She is still as vivacious and bubbly as she´s always been. Her kids also didn´t change much either; still as immature as ever (more on that later). I gave her a huge squeeze and two besos when I saw her; I couldn´t believe a year had passed since we last saw each other. We chatted for a bit, and I found out that they had operated on her for a heart arrythmia and that she had sold her old apartment and bought a new one. Then we went to see her new apartment, which was quite nice. It was very sleek and modern and bare, because she hadn´t yet moved into the place or had a chance to put her ´Carmen touch´ on it. It was quite a bit smaller than her other apartment, but she seemed happy and the location was good, so I know that they´ll be fine. We chatted in her house for a while, then headed to a terraza (outdoor seating of a restaurant) to have dinner. The reason I said that her kids were still immature is that while we were at dinner, waiting for the kitchen to open (we were a bit too early), the younger of the two boys (who is 12) would get up every couple of minutes and run off. For some reason, this meant that the older boy (who is 18/19?) had to get up and chase him and bring him back. Seeing the older boy run was just ridiculous- hard to describe, but basically he ran like a duck. The point is, it was really embarrassing for me, and I´m sure for their mom that these two boys couldn´t behave themselves in public. I wanted to yell at them, "Stop acting like two-year olds!" Anyways, aside for that, we have a lovely, leisurely dinner. When we parted, I promised my host mom that I would come back to visit. Actuallly, we´ve decided that I need to move to Spain when I graduate next year- we´ll see about that!

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At July 24, 2010 at 8:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I looove that you are writing this! :) and I'm so glad that you were able to coordinate with carmen! ahh such good times.. (hilarious about the boys..I could picture it very easily haha). Miss you!
p.s. I'm sure that you will end up having a great time in London..and then even more when you get back! ;P I'm veryveryvery excited to see you. :)


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